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Swaddling can be great in the early weeks. Babies are born with the startle reflex and swaddling is thought to make the baby feel secure. It can help to mimic the restriction they had in the womb, reducing this startle reflex. Be aware that while some babies settle beautifully by being swaddled, others may not like the sensation. You can always try it out and see what works for your baby. Here are some tips on how to swaddle your baby:

Place a thin blanket on the floor.

Lay it in a diamond shape, folding the top point over to create a flat edge and lay baby’s shoulders along the folded corner.

Tuck the left arm down and wrap over their chest, tucking under the right side of your baby

Bring the bottom point of the triangle up, covering their legs.

Tuck their right arm down, wrap the blanket over their chest tucking the remaining material around their left side of their body.

Their legs should be able to move into a ‘frog position’, rather than being held straight.

Some babies prefer to have their arms free. Simply follow the instructions for swaddling as above but tuck each blanket corner under their armpit.

👉DON’T cover a baby's head, and only use thin materials for swaddling.

👉Do not swaddle above your baby shoulders.

👉Babies must NEVER be placed on their stomach when swaddled.

👉It is not recommended that you continue to swaddle your baby when they begin to move in their sleep.

👉Make sure that you always place your baby at the bottom of the moses basket on their back, making sure they can’t wriggle down and get overheated.

👉Check your baby temperature, by feeling their chest to make sure they are not too hot.

Advice is in-line with @lullabytrust recommendations. Check out the charity for some great advice on safe sleeping.

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