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Three Ways to Naturally Induce Labour

You’ve lovingly grown your baby for 9 whole months. You’ve been to all your appointments, you’ve avoided the foods you shouldn’t eat, you’ve slept on your side. You’ve lugged that big ol’ bump around everywhere you’ve gone. You’ve upheld your end of the bargain, and as much as you’ve cherished growing a life – you are ready for this babe to be served their eviction notice.

As a mum of 4, I have been there.

So, what can you do to give your baby the not-so-subtle hint that it’s time for them to join the party? Here are three tips from me, a midwife, to kick start your labour.

Stair walking and curb walking

Think of your baby’s head and your pelvis like a jigsaw puzzle, sometimes you have to wiggle it around a bit to get a perfect fit. A baby in an optimum position for birth is more likely to put an even pressure on your cervix to help it dilate, helping your labour go more smoothly and quickly too. So moving, rocking and opening your pelvis can help fit the puzzle pieces together to kick start labour.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is a utero tonic which means it can stimulate the uterus to contract. The jury is out on whether it really truly works as not much research has been done into it. Although, many women do swear by it and it is offered in most hospitals and birth centres too. You can use Clary Sage from 37 weeks and if you have had no previous uterine surgery. Start by mixing it with a carrier oil (this is very important – never apply it directly to your skin) such as jojoba oil or coconut oil, and you can rub this into your bump. Another way to use Clary Sage is to mix a few drops with a cup of milk and put it into your bath before getting in. The milk helps it mix with the water, rather than having the droplets on the surface of the water.

Nipple stimulation

Now, I get it – having your nipples touched is likely the last thing you want right now, so I guess this one depends on HOW ready you are for your baby to be out. Nipple stimulation is one of the most effective ways to naturally induce labour. There is science behind this madness; stimulating your nipples produces the hormone oxytocin which just so happens to be the hormone that is responsible for causing contractions.

I do hope you find these helpful. And good luck if you are currently waiting for baby to arrive.

Much love,

Beth x

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