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Keeping Baby Warm

Now that we are in winter it is important that your baby stays warm and dry. Here are some tips for those chilly winter months to keep them warm and cosy:

THE BEDROOM – try to keep the room at a comfortable temperature, ideally between 16-20C. Make sure where they are sleeping is away from any drafts and NOT directly next to any radiators, heaters or direct sunlight. It’s important that your baby doesn’t get overheated at night, to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Choose a fitted sheet for their bed with lightweight cotton blankets or a well-fitting sleep-bag. When using a sleeping-bag follow the tog guidelines for the room temperature. Do not use duvets for babies.

HOW TO TELL IF MY BABY IS TOO HOT OR COLD – a simple technique to check your baby’s temperature is to check their chest, their hands and feet can feel cold when their core temperature is warm.

CLOTHING – a good rule of thumb is to check what you are wearing and add one extra layer. Layering clothes can work really well in winter, and for those really chilly days a snowsuit is easy and functional. Remember to always take off hats, gloves and additional clothing when you come inside or when in a warm car. Even if your baby is asleep it is still recommended to remove these additional clothing.

STAYING DRY – rain covers for your buggy is an essential piece of equipment in winter. Not only does it keep them dry but can also help to give some extra warmth.

*Be aware that when putting your baby in their car seat any bulky clothes shouldn’t obstruct the straps. The straps should always be a snug fit around your baby. Blankets should be placed over your baby once the strap have been fastened and are secure.

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