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Baby Carrying

Investing in a sling can be as valuable as your pram. When your partner returns to work, the family have gone home and you and baby are at home together it can feel quite daunting. Getting anything done can be difficult if your baby is unsettled, grizzly or simply doesn’t like the moses basket - there will be days like this!

By using a sling, you not only allow the baby to feel close to you; they are able to smell you and hear your heartbeat which is reassuring and relaxing for them, but you also have the freedom of two hands to get on and do things as well. A win-win for all. When using a sling always remember to:

⭐️Keep your baby close to you

⭐️Make sure they are in your view at all times

⭐️They are close enough to kiss

⭐️Keep their chin off your chest

⭐️They are always supported with a straight back

⭐️Remember to take off layers when coming in from the cold – so as not to overheat them

It is a great piece of equipment in the early days that can really help new parents.

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