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Exercise in Pregnancy

Labour is equivalent to running a marathon! You wouldn’t run a marathon without any training, so it is a good idea to think about incorporating some exercise into your pregnancy routines. Here is some information how to exercise safely in pregnancy:

Women are advised to stay active for 30 mins a day, 4 x a week, it may seem a lot but the

benefits for you and baby are fantastic and helps to prepare your body for birth;

always speak to a health professional/instructor to make sure the exercise is safe for you; it is important to listen to your body and remember to stay hydrated.


WALKING – brisk walking can be done throughout all 3 trimesters. It gives your heart a workout, tones your muscles and is free.

SWIMMING – is an ideal form of exercise throughout pregnancy. It works your heart and lungs and tones muscles. Great exercise in the 3rd trimester as your bump gets bigger.

YOGA &PILATES -gentle forms of both workouts are safe in pregnancy. It strengthens and tones muscles and helps to maintain flexibility.

Listen to your body – if it becomes uncomfortable STOP and seek advice.


-Lying on your back and stomach crunches from 16 weeks.

-Exercise where you can fall from height eg. horse riding, skiing, gymnastics and cycling

-Scuba diving

-Exercising in hot conditions

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