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Tens Machines for Pain Relief

Have you considered the use of a Tens Machine?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and works by applying 4 electrodes to the lower back, which when activated by the birthing person, send stimuli to the nerves in that area...the little pulses then reduce the overall pain sensations being sent to the brain as a sort of diversion or distraction tactic!

As labour intensifies you can increase the power of the TENS machine (many units have a boost button), this stimuli encourages your body to produce endorphins - your body's very own magical concoction of pain relieving hormones (said to be many times more powerful than morphine!)⠀

There are no known side effects of using TENS for either you or the baby and it's best to use it in the early stages of labour wherever you are so by the time you've reached active labour, your body has built up those magical endorphins. The only place you can't use it is in the bath, shower or birthing pool ⚡⛈️⚡⛈️ You can hire or buy a maternity TENS machine, speak to your local trust to find out your options.⠀

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