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Sarah's Story - Unassisted Birth

With my first, I woke up around 7am with period pains which came and went all day and started to get bad around 6pm at which point my husband called work to say he wouldn't be going in.

I spent the night bouncing on my yoga ball, watching trash, being sick and watching my husband fall asleep on the sofa and abruptly waking every time I had a contraction which I made him write down!

At 6am we went to he hospital, they wanted to send me home but I was so dehydrated they put me on a drip and kept me in. I was examined and was only 2cm, I couldn't believe it as the pain was so bad but the TENS machine I had been using since midnight really helped as well as sipping coke and eating Mars bars.

By 9.30 the bad was really bad but the midwives didn't want to examine me as the hospital policy was only to examine every 5 hours. But by this time I was making 'mooing' sounds and the midwife checked me and I was 9 cm !  The midwife rushed out to get a room prepped and I managed to waddle to it.

I started to get undressed and a health care assistant tried to stop me and said, 'you can have dignity in childbirth ' 🤣🤣. I stood up and my waters broke, I managed to walk over to the gas and air but it was too late, Ivy made her entrance! I didn't have to push, with two contractions she was out!

I would give birth a hundred times over but I can't go through pregnancy ever again !

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