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Newborn Skin

Remember, your baby has been in a water environment for the last 9 months so when they are born their skin is quite delicate and thin. Within the 1st month your baby’s skin will mature and they will develop their own protective barrier. Therefore, you should be careful what you put on their skin. Here is some advice for those early weeks:

VERNIX – this is the white, creamy substance that can cover your baby’s skin when they are born. This helps protects your baby’s skin while in the womb and provides antimicrobial protection after birth to help your baby against infection in the first week. It is also the best moisturiser in the world! Don’t rub it off and let it be absorbed back into your baby’s skin.

SOAPS AND LOTIONS -Using soap or heavily fragranced lotions, moisturisers and wipes in the initial weeks can disrupt the ph balance of your baby’s sensitive skin. These products can reduce the natural enzymes and skin barriers needed to maintain their skins optimal level of protection in the first few weeks. Consider avoiding these products, just in the initial weeks, while your baby’s skin develops their natural barriers. If you are using wipes, lotions or soap products make sure it is mild and non-perfumed, as natural as possible.

BATHS – when bathing your baby, if possible, try to use only water in the first 4 weeks. This is again so as not to upset their delicate ph levels of their skin.

DRY SKIN – if your baby has dry or cracked skin, try to avoid using lotions or creams if possible as this may cause more problems. Speak to your midwife for advice.

NAPPY RASH – barrier creams can be used if your baby has nappy rash. Try to make sure the area is cleaned at every nappy change.

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