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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Those early days and weeks can feel quite intense. From your superpower sense of smell, tender breasts, tiredness (which you have never known anything like before) and the nausea/vomiting, it is amazing how we survive. But we do and the good news is that it doesn’t usually last. By 12-16 weeks your hormones levels begin to settle and the symptoms disappear.

Here are some top tips to help you manage the early stages:

TIREDNESS – You are making a baby in those early months and your body is working super hard, no wonder you are exhausted! So, if you are shattered at the end of the day, listen to your body and rest when you need to. Have a warm bath, dim lightning in your room and try and not go on your phone before bed; this helps to relax the brain and sets your body up to fall into deeper sleep, allowing your body to restore your energy levels for the next day.

NAUSEA/VOMITTING – This usually starts between 6-7 weeks and resolves between 14-16 weeks. Make sure you rest; tiredness makes these symptoms worse. Try to eat little and often and avoid high fat, high sugar foods. Starchy foods such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes are your saviour. If you are unable to keep any food or fluid down within a 24hr period, it is vital that you see your GP to be reviewed.

TENDER BREASTS – This area can be so sensitive during the 1st trimester, it can be sore to even hug someone. Try to wear soft sports bra as they can give extra support rather than your normal wired bras.

SUPERPOWER SENSE OF SMELL – There isn’t much you can really do about this except be aware of smells that are off-putting for you and try to avoid. Certain food smells can be the unbearable so make sure they are not being made when you are in the house if possible.

Hope these help!

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